Pacific 10'x12' Hot Tub Gazebo

Pacific 10’x12′ is 2 ft longer than a Pacific 10’x10′. With an extra 2ft change, the inside space is much better. If you have a 7’x7′ or 8’x8′ hot tub, now you have about 4′ room in front the hot tub. This room is so crucial for placing a two-tier steps and setting up a changing area. Also, the skylight is bigger (about 4’x6′). So the sky is wider open for you to enjoy the sunlight and stars. This is a truly Supreme sized spa gazebo and hot tub house in our lines.


Wall Dimensions: wall outside 119.5″ x 143.5″; inside 112.5″ x 136.5″
Heights: about 9′ from ground to roof top & 7′ from wall bottom to wall top plate.

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Basic Kit Features:

Wall: the wall base is 3 ft high with Tongue & Groove cedar skirt; above is 4 ft high windows section.

Windows: include sliding windows with aluminum track and fixed windows. All of them are glazed with tinted acrylic glass.

Doors: two hinged doors create an opening about 4 ft wide and 7 ft high. The hinged doors are easy to operate and close tight.

Corners: four rounded corner windows made with tinted polycarbonate plexi-glass that create luxurious view.

Roof:  all roof panels are built with 3/8″ plywood base, covered by roof paper and roof top materials such as:

  • Steel metal sheets (Pre-installed on the roof panels. Included in basic price)
  • Solid wood (Pre-installed bevel siding cedar boards. Costs extra)
  • Cedar shingles (Cedar shakes or shingles. Not pre-installed. Materials supplied. Costs extra )

Trusses: SPF lumber 2×6 skylight box & 2×4 rafters covered with Mahogany plywood ceiling sheets and wood fascia boards.

Skylight: tinted curved polycarbonate(PC) glass with UV protection. Old dome acrylic skylight is not supplied any more.


Roof Options:

Metal Wood Roof: Brown, Green or Blue color choices.
Solid Cedar Wood roof: depends on availability.
Cedar Shingles Roof: depends on availability. Shingles are supplied to be installed on site by customer. 

Price in USD:


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