Advantages of Our Hot Tub Gazebos and Spa Enclosures

We use high quality wood materials

Western Red Cedar is the best outdoor wood. We use the top grade Western Red Cedar to build our gazebo walls and doors and you can see the walls are smooth and clear both inside and outside. For the roof, we use standard quality Spruce, Pine or Fir wood, plywood and other roofing materials.

hot tub gazebo made with real western red cedar

Our gazebos are panelized for Do-It-Yourself

Our gazebos are in kits and shipped direct to your home. It comes pre-assembled in panels. It’s easy and ready to assemble with the help of  friends or family. It can be set up in a day or two. You will be proud to enjoy your DIY installed gazebo!

wood spa gazebo panels for easy assemble

The windows are built with tinted acrylic glass

We use thick (2.5mm) bronze (tinted) acrylic plexi-glass for all windows. The radius corner windows are installed with curve flexible tinted Polycarbonate glass. They are strong and provide privacy.

hot tub enclosed by cedar wood gazebo

We build solid wood roof system

Our gazebo roof systems are built with strong 2×4 or 2×6 lumber trusses and 3/8″ thick plywood roof sheathing. The gazebos are designed for all seasons and long lasting.

gazebo truss made with 2x4 and 2x6 lumber wood

Our gazebo roofs are leaking proof

The metal roof is built with thick metal sheets. They are sitting plywood base and roofing tarpaper. The rain or wind wouldn’t cause a loud sound or damage.

Whether you choose a metal roof, or cedar wood roof, they are designed leak proof. 

gazebo inside view with a hot tub

The skylights are big for stargazing

The Pacific, Atlantic and Hawaii series gazebos come with large tinted curved polycarbonate (PC) skylights or acrylic dome skylight. They provide 90% UV protection. The beauty point is also for night stargazing!

Skylight sizes 4’x4′, 3’x6’ are dome skylights for gazebos 10’x10′ & 8’x11′

Skylight size 4’x6’ is curved skylight as below for gazebos 10’x12′ & 12’x14′

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We are committed to providing you with the high quality spa enclosures and hot tub gazebos at the very best prices possible!