Western Red Cedar is the best outdoor wood. We use the top grade to build our gazebo walls, windows and doors and you can see the walls are smooth and clear both inside and outside. For the roof, we use other quality wood and roofing materials.
We use quality materials and top grade Western Red Cedar
Our gazebos are panelized for Do-It-Yourself 
Your new gazebo will be shipped direct to your home. It comes pre-assembled in panels. It’s easy for you to assemble the panels with the help of a friend. It will be set up in a day or two, then your family will start to enjoy your beautiful building!
The windows are built with thick acrylic glass
We use thick (around 3mm) bronze acrylic plexi-glass for the windows. It’s strong and provides privacy. The radius corner windows are made from un-breakable Lexan glass and gives a luxurious view.

 We build the best solid unleaking roof
Whether you choose a metal /wood roof, cedar solid wood roof or cedar shingle roof, the roofs are designed leak proof. You buy a gazebo with the roof really unleaking and long lasting. 

 The skylight and domes are big for stargazing
Our Islander series has large gable windows and clear polycabonate roof. The Pacific and Hawaii gazebos come with large acrylic tinted dome, providing 90% UV protection,  ranging in size from: 3’x3’ to 4’x6’. 

Standard Features & Advantages of 
Our Spa Gazebos and Hot Tub Enclosures:
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