Our customer ordered a spa enclosure long before they started their spa project. 

Before the spa gazebo arrived, a concrete slab has been poured. They installed a nice hot tub on the foundation. Landscaping work has been done.
The gazebo comes in panels. Instructions and screws are included.
The quick clamp is a good tool to hold panels tight together.
Attach another wall panel to the other side of the rounded corner.
More wall panels and round corners are installed. The Corner Top Caps are put on top of the corners, aligned and screwed together.
The spa cover has enough room to open and close
Last corner installed
All wall panels are assembled. 
Install the door frames.
Install the Corner Connectors
Assemble the wall top plates. Connect the pieces with same letter together as above "A" to "A".
Dome Box is upside down. Common rafters are installed.
Wall top plates has to be squared.
Assembly of Pacific 10'x10' with Cedar Shingle Roof
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They start from a rounded corner and a straight 4' wall panel. The panels are screwed together with 2.5" screws. Cordless power drill is used.
Flip over the Sky Dome Box with rafters on. Move the whole structure up onto the wall top.
Attach the Hip Rafters.
Attach the Jack Rafters.
Secure the rafters to the wall top plates
Install the roof. Apply roof felt and cedar shingles.
Nail the ridge caps on the four roof ridges. The last piece has to be installed after the sky dome is on.
The Dome Box is caped with a sky dome.
Install the two doors.
The spa gazebo assembly is completed.
Without the film, the windows are nice clean and clear.
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