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Hot Tub Gazebos & Spa Enclosures

  • We use top quality clear Western Red Cedar (WRC) to build our Hot Tub Gazebos & Spa Enclosures.
  • Spa Gazebos made with WRC ensure that your investment will last year-after-year and provide you with quality, affordable backyard adventures.
  • Easy, ready to assemble kits.
  • Pre-panelized walls and leak proof roofing.
  • When you buy, you Buy Direct from the Manufacturer and receive the lowest price guaranteed on Spa Enclosures.
  • Please click on Photos to view so many beautiful Spa Enclosure pictures submitted by our valued customers. Check Styles/Prices to learn all kinds of our spa enclosure models. Have a look at the Assembly page, you will find you can Do It Yourself! 
Spa Gazebos and Spa Enclcosures Cedar
Greenhouse Gazeebo and Spa Enclosure Cedar
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"The spa enclosure kit is so beautiful. The real thing is much better than what I expected and seen on the pictures.  
G. Schulz
"I love my new greenhouse. It is attractive. This is the right size and pricing I am looking for ..."   
 J. Murrey
Spa  Gazebos and Spa Enclosures with green metal roof in Cedar
"I like the metal roofed spa gazebo. It looks elegant.  ..."  
T. Morgan
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Dear Customer,

We are committed to providing you with the high quality spa enclosures and hot tub gazebos at the very best prices possible!

All our spa enclosures are built in British Columbia, Canada and manufactured as handcrafts using time tested and proven processes to ensure the natural longevity and fit of your purchase.

We use natural Western Red Cedar of Canada because we know that once you step into our spa gazebos and spa enclosures, you won't want to leave.

Our spa enclosures and gazebos are built with Pre-panelized walls, doors and roof system, and using leak proof design technologies.  

We build our gazebos so that you can assemble them quickly and easily in your backyard with a little help from a friend. In most cases, it takes less than a day for two people to complete the gazobo installations. After all, your friend will enjoy it too!  


We have a variety of spa enclosures and gazebos for you to choose from. The Pacific Series Hip Roof Style is an elegant fully featured gazebo that will enclose a spa hot tub. It uses natural Plexi-glass on windows for added protection and safety. You can look up at the night sky through dome skylight that comes featured with this unique spa enclosure

Our Islander Series Gable Roof spa enclosures are built especially for your comfort. These gazebos feature two additional gable windows as well as the metal/wood roof that's designed to let natural sunlight in. Enjoy these spa enclosures at our exceptionally low price - guaranteed!

If you just love the open air, then you're going to just love the Hawaii Line Spa Enclosures. It features a fully open and natural air experience with delicately added lattice side panels that create extra beauty and a privacy surrounding.

Our Octagonal Style gazebo lets you step inside with friends for conversation, laughs and relaxing moments. This sturdy cedar gazebo features octagonal shaped cedar floor, sturdy support posts, comforting hand rails and scenic roof. 


To place your order for our unique western red cedar spa enclosures and gazebos, please fill in the Order form at the top menu.  

Remember, we offer the lowest price guarantee! We've done the research for you. 

If you have any questions or looking for special pricing, please contact us online or call us @ 1-888-795-6579  Our sales representatives will be happy to help you.


Cedarview Manufacturing stands for high quality spa enclosures at the best prices availableOur goal is to make spa enclosure affordable to shelter every backyard spa in North America.

It is duty free for your orders across the border to the United StatesYour privacy is completely secure with us.

We are not sure how long we can keep these prices this low. These prices depend on you!  Contact us today to reserve a special price offer! 

By ordering your spa gazebos and spa enclosures from Cedarview Manufacturing, you get:

  • The Lowest Price Available online
  • Satisfaction and Product Quality Guarantee
  • Duty Free Shipping to the United States 
  • Friendly Customer Supports 
  • Complete Backyard Adventures with Your New Spa Gazebos and Spa Enclosures purchase. 

Our quality will exceed your expectations.


David Pinton
Cedarview Manufacturing Inc.
"Complete Backyard Adventures"

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