Pacific 12'x12' Spa Enclosures 

Pacific 12'x12' is our Queen size Spa Enclosures. It will house any spa up to 8 sq.ft while still leaving plenty of space for dressing and recreations. With the protection and privacy provided by this spa gazebo, you can relax quietly and peacefully in the hot tub all year round.

Basic Kit Features:

  • Wall:  the wall base is 3 ft high with Tongue & Groove cedar skirt; above is 4 ft high bronze acrylic glass windows section.
  • Windows:  include sliding windows with aluminum track and fixed windows all glazed with tinted acrylic glass.

  • Doors:  two hinged doors create a opening about 4 ft wide and nearly 7 ft high. The hinged doors are easy to operate.

  • Corners: four rounded corner windows made with un-breakable tinted lexan plexi-glass that create luxurious view.

  • Roof:  there are 8 pieces of roof panels pre-built with tarpaper shield, wood base and mahogany plywood ceiling. The roofing material is colored steel metal (pre-installed on the roof panels).
  • Skylight:  4' x 4' bronze sky dome made with aircraft grade acrylic and UV protection property.


  • Wall dimension:  outside 144"x144",  inside 137"x137"
  • Wall height:  85.5" from ground to wall top


  • US$10,390
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  • Metal wood roof: Brown, Green and Blue color choices.
      Shown with Brown Metal Roof upgrade

This Spa Enclosure is made with  metal roof. It is very strong and durable.

The inside is gorgeous!
The ceiling is mahogany wood. You can't see the metal roofing.  
The skylight is 4'x4' tinted Dome.

Add a Screen Kit. 
 You don't worry about mosquitos & bugs even the windows open in Summer and night.
Pacific Series
** Limited to direct truck line area in most Continental states of USA and Canada.
US$10,390  On sale: US$6,890
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