Pacific 811 (8' x 11')   
The Pacific 8'x11' is a very universal spa enclosure model. No matter a big or a small spa hot tub you have, this extended rectangular shaped gazebo will work for you. To fit a 7'x7' spa, there will be about 4' extra room in front of the spa. In that space, our customers typically put a set of patio chairs, towel rack or spa chemical cabinet there. Sometimes a TV or stereo system will be added at the corner. When you open the gazebo windows or doors, your beautiful garden views are around.

Basic Kit Features:

  • Wall:  the wall base is 3' high with Tongue & Groove cedar skirt, on top are 4' high tinted Plexiglas windows.
  • Windows:  6 sliding windows and other fixed windows
  • Doors:  2 hinged doors
  • Corners: square shaped cedar posts  
  • Roof:  there are 10 pieces of roof panels pre-built with tarpaper shield, wood base and mahogany plywood ceiling. The roofing material options are:
  - steel metal (pre-installed on the roof panels) 
  - solid wood (beveled cedar boards; pre-installed)
  - cedar shingles (#2 graded cedar shingles or shakes).
  • Skylight:  3' x 6' bronze dome skylight made with aircraft grade acrylic and UV protection property.


  • Wall Dimension:  outside 103"x139", inside 96"x132"
  • Wall height:  85.5" from ground to wall top


  • US$5,580,  compared at $8,100
  • For best direct prices, please contact us for Quote

Options and Accessory

  • Solid cedar wood roof: depends on availability.
  • Cedar Shingle Roof: shingles are supplied to be installed on site by customer.
shown with green metal roof and white color windows
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Windows are upgraded to opaque white acrylic
Pacific Series
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