Islander 811 (8' x 11')   
This beautiful Gable Roof style Spa Gazebo kit comes with a steel metal roof that ensures strength and durability. It fits most Spa Hot Tubs sized up to 8'x8'. 


  • Wall outside dimension102.5"x138.5"
  • Wall inside dimension95.5"x131.5"
  • Height:  9 ft from ground to roof ridge top

Basic Kit Features:

  • Wall:  10 pcs of wall panels with 4' high window section and 3' high Tongue & Groove wood base
  • Windows:  6 sliding windows & 10 fixed windows framed with bronze plexi-glass.
  • Door:  a 4ft wide door section with 2 hinged doors
  • Corners: 4 pcs of posts  
  • Roof:   6 pcs plywood base panels with roofing metal sheets on top. The steel metal roof is available in your choice of colors: Dark Brown, Merchers Green or Heron Blue. 
  • Gable windows: 2 gable windows above the end walls getting more light in. No skylight on the roof instead. 


  • US$8,280
  • For best direct prices, please contact us for Quote

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