Hawaii 1012 (10' x 12')   
This is the open air hot tub shelter and gazebo. It has lattice walls that provides beauty and some privacy. Its standard roof is solid wood roof with a sky dome. Other choices include metal panel and asphalt shingle roof. Bar and stools can be added as perfect match to this kind of gazebo.

Basic Kit Features:

  • Wall:  two section lattice panels 3' and 1' high on four sides
  • Windows:  no
  • Doors:  no
  • Corners: 4 posts
  • Roof:   there are 10 pcs roof base panels built with 1x4 wood strapping, mahogany plywood ceiling and tarpaper on top. The standard roofing material is cedar shingles (to be installed on site by customer). Metal roof upgrade is available.
  • Skylight:  4' x 6' bronze acrylic sky dome


  • Dimensions:  wall outside measurement 120"x144", inside measurement 113"x137"
  • Wall height:  85.5" from ground to wall top


  • US$5,980
  • For best direct prices, please contact us for Quote

Options and Accessories:

  • Cedar shingle roof: no extra charge. Cedar shingles are supplied to be installed on site by customer

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Hawaii Series