With the help of his two teenage boys, Morris assembled this beautiful Pacific series, hip roof style 10'x12' Spa Gazebo kit so smoothly. It is built on a pre-exist concrete slab foundation and enclosures a 8'x8' spa on the beautiful West Coast of BC. 

Morris and his family are so excited they did it. It is not just fun. Actually his kids also learned skills how to build a house! 

This spa enclosure is a freestanding one ordered with cedar shingle roof.
The wall panels and rounded corners are screwed together within one hour. It is amazing the structure is up so fast! They use cordless power drill.
Now he is assembling the wall top plates or called roof headers. From now on he needs to use ladders. Here is a 7' one.
The wall top plates (the short pieces of 2x2 are optional add-on and not needed now) are screwed on top of the wall panels. They hold the walls tightly and act as roof headers to connect the roof system.
Now the wall shell and the roof headers are checked square again. It is ready to install the roof structure.
Put the dome box upside down. Then install the six pieces of Normal Rafters on the box.
Lift the roof rafters structure up and flip it over on the wall top. It sits on top of the wall very well.
Add the four Hip Rafters to the dome box and connect them to the corner supporters
Install the ten pieces roof panels on the rafters. Align each panel on the center line of the rafters, fasten them with nails.
Apply the tarpaper on roof.
Apply the cedar shakes on roof. 
Put the dome skylight on top of the dome box and screw it to the box. It is tinted with UV protection.
Last install the cedar ridge caps to cover the ridge seams. The gazebo construction is done.
Morris added a bar (built by Cedarview Mfg) beside the window. He also found two beautiful old hardwood bar stools to match the bar.
Assembly of Pacific 10'x12' with Cedar Shingle Roof
Pacific 10'x12' with cedar shingle roof
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